So far, Camelot only has one women competition team for indoor handball. We have big plans to establish a second women's team and a first men's team in season 2019/2020. 

Please let us know whenever you're interested to join for one of our competition teams!

Women 1 - Camelot

The first Camelot women's team plays in the second class ('2e klasse' in Dutch), with great potential this season.

'As a team, we value winning as a unity. We want to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves playing this amazing sport and at the same time, we're very eager to take the points home. We play the regular competition, cup competition, and every now and then visit a fun tournament (hopefully with more teams upcoming season)!'

Curious to see our competition team play? There's always more than enough room for any kind of support during our games! 

Visit the NHV website (or click on results below) to find out when the competition team is playing games in Tilburg or a city near you! Or find all our game reports at the bottom of our home page to keep track of our progress in the season.

See you there.


Curious how our competition team is doing in the ranking? Click on the link under results!