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Hi! We're the 2018/2019 T.S.H.V. Camelot Board. Find more information about us, our work and our amazing committees below. Don't be shy and approach us!

Board members 2018/2019

This is the Camelot board of season 2018/2019 that was constituted on the 24th of September: 

John - Chairman 

Hey, my name is John Neuber. I am 21 years old, originally from Germany and I am studying Psychology at Tilburg University. 

Handball is my passion since about 13 years. My dad used to play handball too when he was younger so he send me to handball practice in the neighbouring suburb when I was eight years old. I immediately fell in love with the fast pace of the game. I played left half for the first years of my career but switched to center after most of my teammates grew taller than me. Till this day I have a neck for playing center. I am good at sharing the ball and putting my teammates in a position to score. 

That brings me to the reason why I feel comfortable being a chairman. The job of a chairman is in my eyes to put your fellow board members and the association in a position to succeed, which loosely resembles the job of a center in Handball. Good team play as well as continuous communication is essential for finishing projects successfully. Besides that I love thrift shopping, I watch a lot of movies and I appreciate a good craft beer. 

Fun fact about me: I cannot stand Segway’s, snails and the colour magenta.

Annika - Treasurer

Hi! I'm Annika van Asten, 23 years old and currently aiming to finish my bachelor's degree Tax Economics by the end of this year. 

Before I moved to Tilburg, I grew up in Eindhoven, where I have played handball for 10 years. In the summer of 2016 I decided to become active in Camelot's competition team, and I loved it ever since! Because of my study and love for numbers, I am this year's Treasurer. 

The one thing I love more than numbers, is definitely food! When I am not devoted to finances, you'll probably find me in the kitchen. As a hobby, I make exclusive eight-course meals for whoever hires me. 

Fun fact about me: I have over 71 pairs of high heels (probably more by the time you are reading this) and I am super terrified of clowns and other dressed-up figures.

Kirsten - Secretary

Hi there!

I am Kirsten, 26 years old and besides the mother (seen my age) I am also the secretary of the Camelot board. I obtained my master’s degree in Economic Psychology 3 years ago and now I work as a research specialist at a marketing research agency in Eindhoven. 

I joined Camelot a few years ago but since last year I am part of the competition team. I play handball over ten years and I really like the sport! It is fast, dynamic, and not for wimps. In summer, we play beach handball. I also like this kind of handball, because beach handball means nice weather (most of the time), fair play, good atmosphere and cool tricks like spin shots and in-flights.   

Besides handball I also like to run. My biggest accomplishment thus far is the New York city marathon I run last year. And even though I am the mom of the board, I still like to go out and have a drink. 

This year we set nice goals for our association: we want an extra women and men’s team and attract more students to our association. I really have faith in our goals and I am really proud and excited to be a part of this board. We are going to make it a great year together!

Fun fact: my guilty pleasure is Britney Spears. 

Dionne - Public Relations

Hello, my name is Dionne de Vos, 22 years old and I live in Tilburg, but I grew up in a town next to Eindhoven. I'm currently busy with my Premaster in Sociology at the Tilburg University. 

After finishing my Bachelor in Communication in Tilburg, I decided that I wanted to start playing handball in Tilburg, after playing football for 10 years and then handball for 6 years in Veldhoven and Eindhoven. Camelot happened to cross my path, and the members of the club welcomed me with their arms spread (just like they do with all new members). The warmth of the club made my decision easier to start playing competition as well.

This mind set also made me decide to become a board member and to invest my time to improve the club and to make any other new member feel as welcome as I felt in the beginning. My background in communication directed me towards the PR role. I love organizing the Camelot activities, arranging our visits to student tournaments and to watch our club grow. 

Next to handball, I love running, reading, and in Summer I'm busy with all kinds of watersports (windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving).

Fun fact about me: I hate it when people bite in icecream and I enjoy playing board games with my grand parents.


All help is welcome and highly appreciated. As a club, couldn't thank our lovely members enough for their dedication and enthusiasm!

Beach Handball

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We're proud to present our Beach Handball Committee, who's in charge of the entire beachhandball season (except for the organization of our own tournament). 

As a club we enjoy beach handball, friends and travelling. So why not combine this golden trio? The Beach Handball Committee makes sure that we travel across Europe to visit the most amazing tournaments (e.g. in Italy, Germany, Montenegro, Portugal, Switserland, and many more). The Beach Handball Committee consists of Jasper, Thomas, Sylvia and John.

Don't underestimate them, they'll make sure that you'll become as addicted to this sport as we all are! Be aware of that.

Family Weekend

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A yearly and one of the biggest activities within our club is the Camelot Family Weekend, where all members are invited to spend a weekend full of great activities and parties in a groups accommodation somewhere in the Netherlands / Belgium.

To be abe to execute this weekend, we've collected a great Family Weekend organization team consisting of Luuk, Laura, Anouk, and Dionne.

We're looking forward to see all members this weekend to make it a great edition!

Activity (CACo)

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Through the entire season (and after / before the season) we like to organize all kinds of activities for our student and working members. These activities vary from beer cantusses, to a visit to a Christmas market (e.g. in Düsseldorf or Oberhausen), or a fun evening at a trampoline park. 

Jelena, Charlotte, Hanna, and Dionne will be in charge of the amazing activity agenda of this board year. Reports and pictures of the activities will be posted on our Instagram, Facebook page and website.

Camelot Beach Tournament

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Without the whole team of the Camelot Beach Tournament Foundation to organize the yearly tournament, there wouldn't be a tournament. The inner circle of this team is Kevin, Hanneke and Rik.

Tender declaration (kas controle)

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To make sure that the money goes where it has to go, at the end of the year our tender declaration committee, consisting of Rachel and Hanneke, will be the helping hand.

Game secretary

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Not a committee, but definitely worth mentioning: the game secretary. 

This season Hanneke has committed to the arrangements of the matches of the competition team, and makes sure everyone is at the right place at the right time.